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I learned this recipe from Cindy she is an amazing Tica woman who is teaching my son and I about Costa Rican culture. When we returned to Costa Rica and Skyler was just under a year, we met Cindy. Skyler was glued to me at that dramatic stage of…(If I’m not in mommy’s arms I may die immediately!!!). Of course he was not in any threat of dying, but Mom had been his constant. We had been in Pennsylvania for the winter while Glenn, my husband was finishing up his Masters and Skyler didn’t see him much. Cold weather seems to complicate socializing; Skyler and I didn’t get many outings with other people during that time period. This was a tough bridge to cross for Glenn when he was transitioning to trying to spend time with Skyler. So often I’d here, ‘He wants you’ right after I attempted to pass Skyler to Glenn. My plan was to ease back into going to work. I was massaging one morning a week for two hours while Glenn watched Skyler and it eventually became so stressful for the two of them that I left the Rehab I was working at. I loved my adorable velcro baby, he was so smart and aware of everything. He wanted you in his world with him, bouncing him and smiling at him. You were not allowed to sit down when holding him, you weren’t allowed to stop bouncing…or he would somehow instantly go into this cry where he couldn’t breathe and every time my heart stopped. That look of panic…oh I don’t miss that look.

Fast forward to our return to Costa Rica and I was introduced to Cindy.  Some friends of ours had used Cindy as a nanny to their two boys. When they were no longer in need of her services, they recommended she come and help us, maybe some light cleaning. I initially wasn’t convinced of the idea. Somehow accepting help seemed like a hard pill to swallow, or maybe it was my ego I needed to swallow. Clearly becoming a parent I’ve learned there’s much less you can get accomplished from your to do list after kids then before kids…but you’ll probably have more fun on the detours with kids.

So we decide to have Cindy come over, my friend helped translate and I’m tried negotiating the most minimal amount of time, still feeling funny accepting help.  Cindy motions to Skyler that she wants to hold him…and he goes to her. My mind is blown!  She takes him outside and shows him all the plants and flowers and tells him all about them.  She’s now been holding longer than he’s ever comfortable with anyone and he’s smiling and giggling.  It’s like they were instant best friends. Cindy continued when she would come over to ask to hold Skyler and he continued to lunge for her even more excited then the last time.  It wasn’t long before he awaited her smiling and giggling and she convinced Glenn and I to take an hour or two to go into town together and let her watch him.  Since we didn’t have someone to watch Skyler in Pennsylvania this was a first for us and honestly I was counting the minutes expecting to return to a screaming baby and instead she brought him back sleeping…a true miracle.  Cindy has been an amazing addition to our lives and Skyler’s best friend. Now when he goes to her house…he doesn’t want to come home. My how things change!

Anyway, she showed me this recipe and it shocked me how simple it is to make the tastiest eggs. I am not a cook and I found this simple, so that’s saying something. You REALLY need to try these!
I plan on learning more Costa Rican recipes from Cindy too!


Tasty Tica Tomato Scrambled Eggs
Eggs, Tomatoes, Salt, Butter….That’s Freaking it!



Finely chop up your tomato. The smaller the better.
I employed my husband for this and kept all my fingers.
We used half a tomato for 4 eggs.
I’ll trust you can figure out if you use more eggs you may want to use more tomato.


Heat Butter in a Pan. Do a little dance.
Just to keep things interesting..


Add chopped tomato to heat, stir, sprinkle with salt, keep stirring.
Cindy seemed very serious about stirring while instructing me.
You really want to cook these down, way down.
Some day I should do a cooking video of Cindy and I with subtitles indicating what she actually says versus what I interpret her to say.  Cindy doesn’t speak English, and I’m learning Spanish from her.
We understand each other well enough, but sometimes…some things are lost in translation!


Crack those Eggs! Any way you like.
Bonus points if you get extra creative with the surfaces you can break eggs off of.
You lose all bonus points if you get raw egg all over the floor.
You gain bragging rights if you get egg on the ceiling.


You are almost there, this is soooo exciting.
Now you add the eggs to your cooked down tomatoes.
Do a little dance cause you’re almost there!
Stir, Stir, Stir. Just like you would for scrambling eggs.
Keep on Scrambling and they’ll look like the picture below.

egg done


You did it!!!! Now sit down and enjoy. The BEST Scrambled Eggs!
Do a chair dance.
My two year old dances/wiggles in his chair when he really likes what he’s eating.
You will probably wish you made more, it’s that yummy.
So rinse and repeat. You’ll never want to make scrambled eggs your old way again!

More recipes to come. What Costa Rican food do you love!  I love that Costa Rican food isn’t spicy. They leave spices in a jar on the table if you want them.