Welcome to Costa Rica

Costa Rica it’s calling you. Escape to Costa Rica.

Every time you hear the name Costa Rica, you feel something pulling you.  The more news you hear around you, the more frustrated you are. You’ve got the itch to travel and leave your stresses behind. There’s never been a better time, then right now.  Before the chaos of the holidays begin. Escape to Costa Rica.

People are frequently messaging me wondering what life would be like if they picked up and moved to Costa Rica.  Curiosity is contagious about long term rentals, schooling, childcare, healthcare, massage, climate, and culture. Are people really happier in Costa Rica?  Will I see monkeys? As situations heat up around the world, Costa Rican day dreams become more vivid… Can I really escape to Costa Rica?

What would it be like if I lived in the happiest place on earth?

Are you willing to be a happier person?  I can confirm it is easier to be happy when you are surrounded by a culture of happy, friendly, loving people. Sunshine and palm trees, sand and ocean breeze along with a ‘Pura Vida’ life philosophy help give new perspective when your mind has been taxed by work and errands.

Visit Costa Rica and experience it for yourself.  After a week, you can decide if you could see yourself living this life for a few years, or a lifetime. Visiting during Green Season is a great way to really experience the tropics.

Slowing down, living more simply and more meaningful. Realizing life while you live it… Escape to Costa Rica…

This is what vacations remind us to do, we often convince ourselves we don’t need a vacation. We are too busy, it’s not the right time, we really don’t need it, however, it is imperative to our health to relax, and rejuvenate. And you are NOT taking that time for yourself in your daily life.

You deserve a getaway, to feel better in your body, to put yourself first, to find peace and calm.

Studies prove that people are more productive when they are able to take a break and rejuvenate. The heath benefits are significant, you are significantly less likely to die from heart disease if you take an annual vacation.

In a 20-year study, researchers found that women who took vacation once every six years or less were almost eight times more likely to develop coronary heart disease or have a heart attack than women who took at least two vacations per year. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jill-l-ferguson/health-benefits-of-taking-a-vacation_b_9384466.html

Investing in a vacation reduces your stress and improves relationships.  For several years I worked as a massage therapist in an exclusive Drug and Alcohol rehab center.  Many of my clients had achieved great heights in their careers, but had physically and emotionally struggled. Riddled with pain and tattered relationships, it wasn’t until their careers began to be affected that they would seriously seek help.  Seeing people reach this point in their lives made it clear that being successful or striving to be successful can really take a toll on our lives, and I wanted to help people incorporate healthful, happy, fun lifestyle choices into their lives.


2 Hour Therapeutic Massage

2 Hour Therapeutic Massage


Now I massage my clients in a beautiful ocean view/ ocean breeze covered outdoor space, that has been described as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and my clients repeatedly tell me they feel like ‘Brand New People’ after they’ve had a 90minute – 2 Hour Massage treatment. Taking time to feel better in your body and focus on your own rejuvenation can do enourmous good for your life.


Samara Beach

Samara Beach  (Directly infront of the retreat)

So why am I telling you this?

Because I want to share with you this special Costa Rican town, a town thought to be magical for its impact on people.  After experiencing Samara, you are not the same person who arrived, and people always wish they had more time to spend here.  For the month of October, you can SAVE on a Costa Rican Retreat.  Green Season. A quiet tranquil time of year, with some rain and sun it’s a great way to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer without the crowds at a lower cost and the temperature is great!
I’ve received many messages from people asking about the best way to experience Costa Rica. Well, here it is.

Enjoy a Costa Rican BeachFront Retreat
~ Walking Tour and Introduction of Samara
~ Full Breakfast with Coconut Water and Fresh Fruits
~ Morning movement meditation
~Rain meditations
~Daily Beach Yoga

Includes Massage and Bodywork Treatments with Cheryl ($350+ value) You are at The Relaxation Spot, of course!
Each person receives:
~ 2 – 120 Minute (2 Hour!!) Massages
~ 1 – Reflexology treatment

6 days/5 nights at The Relaxation Spot’s Beach Front Bliss B&B


Adventure Package May Include
Zip Line Canopy Tour, Waterfall Hike, Surf Lessons and board rental, Snorkeling, Paddle Board, Sea Kayak,
Horseback Riding Adventure, and Bicycle Rental




Tranquil inner peace package 

~ Walking Tour and Introduction of Samara
~ Full Breakfast with Coconut Water and Fresh Fruits
~ Morning movement meditation/ Beach walks
~ Beach Yoga
~ Rain meditations
~ Shedding of old stresses and ocean purge
~ Followed by a 2 hour full body Therapeutic Massage
~ Hidden beach hikes and forest and waterfall tours

5 Days/ 4 Nights 

Additional days / activities/ massage treatments /Couples Massage Lessons/Counseling available
Price does not include airfare or travel to/from airport which we can coordinate and arrange. Approximate cost each way from Liberia LIR is $120 for 2 people
Email [email protected] and we can assist with your travel plans.


Isla Chora, Costa Rica. Awesome hike to this amazing view.

Isla Chora, Costa Rica. Awesome hike to this amazing view.


Find yourself by the sea

Find yourself by the sea


Waterfall hike

Waterfall hike



Retreat Beach Front Suite

Retreat Beach Front Suite  Full and twin bed



Samara Beach

Samara Beach

Limited availability Retreats Email for availability.

Email [email protected]

Need More Reasons to visit Costa Rica?  Make your stay 2 weeks long and we’ll guide you to enhance your experience!

Hug Sloths
Visit A Dog Farm
Hot Springs
Meet Fun Adventurous people from all over the world
Gyrocopter Tour
Learn to fly Gyrocopters
Take Spanish Lessons
Learn to Cook
Salsa Dance
Repel down a waterfall
Hike a Volcano
River Rafting
Butterfly Garden
Whale Watching Tours
Costa Ricans are so very friendly
Experiences are more valuable than possessions
Vacations are good for your heart, mental health and relationships.
You’ll return home more refreshed