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When there is so much beauty in the world…

How do you pick which is the most beautiful?

It’s time to update and relaunch www.TheRelaxationSpot.com (In process) and that means new massage photos.
I never get tired of taking photos of or seeing beautiful vistas in Costa Rica.  And I see them a lot!
With so many beautiful spots to choose from…

How do you pick one?

I realize this is an odd dilemma to have.  In Costa Rica, it’s reality.
Especially in this lovely Guanacaste town of Samara.
This life has always been my dream….
Of all the cramped, crazy, not relaxing locations I’ve given massages in 15 years…
I once massaged at a chiropractic office, that took over a room that had previously been inside the mens locker room of a gym and was still attached…so you could hear everything being said and felt like they were there with you…

This was/is my dream. Massaging in beautiful Relaxation Spots around the world.
Now I massage in paradise. Although massage seems to take my clients away to their own internal paradise…when you are physically in paradise there seems to be less barriers to that journey.

My clients are brilliant.

My clients primarily are vacationing in Samara and Carrillo, Costa Rica….Brilliant choice….They have brilliantly decided to rent vacation homes to enjoy a relaxing vacation with friends and family and to top it off.. My Clients LOVE massage and they ever so brilliantly schedule massages at their vacation rental or villa as the perfect addition to help unwind from the stresses and enjoy Pura Vida in Costa Rica.

Many of these vacation homes have beautiful views, thus for my photo shoot I get to choose…
I suppose when picking where to vacation you’d have a similar problem.
Which beautiful vista will I pick?
A rental overlooking beautiful Carrillo, one of the top beaches in Costa Rica and possibly the world.
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Las Ventanas also has an amazing reflective view of Carrillo Beach off their infinity pool.  The photo above was taken by Las Ventanas del Mar all the other photos are mine.

Directly on the beach is always and option, somewhere quiet. Congrejal side of the beach or villas playa samara.
What a dilemma when you live somewhere with so many beautiful locations…you can’t decide!

Rather than disturb an existing client since photo shoots aren’t known to be relaxing we decided to opt for a massage model. Must love massage, must be comfortable in your own skin. Didn’t take too long to find 🙂

I had envisioned a very quick turn around for my photoshoot…however coordinating schedules became challenging and we even had to wait on mother nature for the Papagayo winds to calm down. What are they? Read more here.

Visions of how humorous a massage photo shoot could be on an excessively windy day kept blowing around my head. Massage sheets strewn all around, shrieking people, my hair, oh my hair, once the winds died down my original massage model had to do a border run.  Luckily when you offer massage it doesn’t take too long to find a willing recipient!

I scheduled my amazing photographer, Mitch Souls of Samara Photography and my beautiful massage model Brook ; and chose a convenient location.

An inviting Relaxation Spot was decided on that would allow me a beautiful view, pool shots, and would be close by for my photographer and model. I’m so blessed that a new friend welcomed us into Condos Veneto in Samara on the road to Carrillo for photographs. Mitch praised that Condos Veneto would be a lovely spot for wedding photos. He’s an amazing wedding photographer, so he should know!
The moment I finally coordinated all three schedules between the location, photographer and model, finally…there was rumor of more Papagayo winds!!  I willed the rumors to just be rumors, I wasn’t going to live in fear, I wanted this shoot done.

As soon as I made that decision…I’ll admit…
I started to get a little nervous.  I’ve never understood what you’re supposed to do to not look ridiculous in photos, being a model….would never cross my mind.

Massage is my comfort zone, my passion, I love it, and it feels so natural on me.

It’s that one area of my life where everything makes sense. So as soon as I was able to lay my hands on my massage model, my nerves were calmed. We didn’t even end up taking a close up head shot anyway.  The wind cooperated, mostly, it tugged at the sheet a little but my model was not exposed. As always, that bit of worry that went through my head did no good, and served no one.  I am a reformed worrier…most of the time 🙂 Life is better when I’m in it, and out of my head.
Let it go, Let it go.

Let your eyes rest here…
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Lay down….get comfortable…it’s all about you…
When was your last massage?

When was your last vacation?
Your Massage is waiting for you in Samara, Costa Rica!
When I have my photo shoot pics up I’ll let you know, for now, behind the scenes 🙂