Leaping out of my comfort zone, throwing caution to the wind and diving head first….Because I’m worth it and so are you!

Join me on my first EVER VLOG.

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I would really appreciate your support as this is super challenging for me to face.  I am a recovering perfectionist and had to just put this out there flaws and all…Actually, that is exactly what this is about, we hide our flaws in the media and social media and we scrutinize ourselves and each other’s flaw. The inspiration from this video came from watching episodes of CATFISH on Hulu. Catfish is where people pretend to be someone they are not so people will talk to them on the internet.  People actually end up falling in love with fake profiles.  Would they ever have accepted the person behind the fake photo if they’d shown their true self? If the phony had believed in themselves. The saddest part of this is how clear it is that someone does not have self acceptance, they don’t have peace with who they are.

There is actually a new form of depression kids are having from viewing everyone’s ‘perfect life’ on facebook and feeling like they aren’t good enough…like kids need any more reasons to have self-esteem issues! What if being open and real were common place and we talked about and knew we ALL have these ‘characteristics’, could we be more self accepting, and supportive of those around us?

I’m not talking about always complaining, that doesn’t get us anywhere, I’m not talking about wallowing for focusing on negativity. I’m talking about taking a closer look at ourselves and doing some self-work. Self Acceptance. Self Love Facing what we may have ignored in the past and dealing and healing and growing, to be our best self to love ourselves as we are.

Can we come from a place of love and acceptance and see ourselves and others with those eyes?

I filmed myself on a walk to an awesome lookout over a hidden beach here in Costa Rica. I have much to learn when it comes to filming and I do apologize for that, but this particular lesson I can’t let perfectionism stop me from putting this out and getting started on this journey.  In this video I talk about my own challenges that I have NEVER spoken of, or let see the light of day, ignoring allows for survival, but not growth and I choose growth and healing.

Follow me as I explore awesome spots in Costa Rica and journey to improve and love my own self image.