I am so grateful for this life, and the courage to live it. I followed my heart, and listened to that little voice within that yearned to live outside the normal routine.


My little voice begged me to make Costa Rica my home, throwing caution to the wind can be scary, but the reward of living a life you are grateful for, of living without regrets is beyond compare.  In recent conversations, I have found that it is not so easy for everyone to feel gratefulness, this is something that needs to be practiced and it will become easier and more natural and attract more to be grateful for in your life.

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I am sharing my grateful inspirations from a beach and Costa Rica and I hope you share yours too, from wherever you are, sharing grateful inspirations is good for the heart and soul and will allow happiness to fill your heart more easily.  Share the gratefulness in your heart, life is a beautiful gift and the more we realize this, the more we will appreciate every moment, this takes practice. Share and encourage others along the way!

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