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‘Ring, Ring,’ Working on-call can be a strange animal.
Luckily, I love what I do 🙂

Finding my own balance when working for myself and being on-call has been a lesson in balance and boundaries. 15 years as a massage therapist and I am still reminding myself to seek balance when I forget, or perhaps I should say 34 years as a person, and I’m still reminding myself. The more I respect and honor myself as a person the easier it becomes.

The more I respect and honor myself as a person the easier it becomes.

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Living in paradise as a massage therapist means…
Lots of variety to life, interesting clients coming and going all the time, lots of lovely locations and visitas to massage from, so many that it’s tough to choose from, as I mentioned in my photo shoot post.
Some clients schedule massage for their group of family or friends at their vacation rental before they even arrive in Samara. I have a wedding booked in December already <3
This way they know for sure they have a date reserved. Prescheduling massage works out lovely and allows me to plan nicely to care for my clients.

Contrastly, some clients like to do a walk in and see if they can get a massage on the spot. This is taking a chance, however, we like to do whatever we can to accommodate our clients. And I would certainly prefer they try and get in for a last minute session then to forgo the idea of massage.

You’re on vacation, it’s really the best time to get a massage…no excuses.



Samara is a tourist town, yet it still has its charm, it hasn’t ‘sold out’. Being a tourist town, there is ebb and flow, I find the same goes for my schedule. Back in Pennsylvania for years I worked as a Massage Therapist at a Drug and Alcohol rehab. I’d see the same client 2-3x’s per week for months and have a waiting list.

Following my clients on their journey was incredibly beautiful and I feel so blessed to have been apart of the journey.

Seasonal tourism is a new challenge. Since tourists are here for a short-time, often times they choose to get a massage before they return home. After a massage they gush to me, wishing they had scheduled sooner, so they could have gotten a second session, since they are leaving tomorrow. I wish this for them too, many times when people return home it’s difficult to squeeze healthful lifestyle choices like massage into their schedule. Being on vacation you are better able to decide how you want to enjoy your time. This is why I am understanding and even encouraging of seeing if the ‘last minute massage’ is possible to schedule…


I believe massage is part of the answer to world peace….

If everyone got a massage once a week the ripple effect would be world peace.

So I will continue to find my balance between living and waiting as I would imagine many ‘on call’ people may feel.

When I am not massaging, there is plenty to do for my business, however, there is still always that element of expecting an email request or phone call for last minute massage.

If I walk out that door, how quickly could I be ready to give a massage?
It’s an interesting feeling.
It’s kind of a fun challenge.
Do I bring sheets and supplies with me? Or do I run back to the house if I need them?
I absolutely love giving massage, so it’s never a feeling of detest to be contacted. It’s more that sometimes committing to other parts of my life…I find I’m slightly distracted. I suppose that’s to be expected and perhaps many entrepreneurs feel this way??

Just the other day, I had one of those days where I was really expecting that I was going to get contacted about a massage and as I was working on my business, sitting at the computer… I suddenly realized I’d spent most of the day in front of the computer and Skyler would be home before long.
The dilemma when working for yourself… where do you get the most value?

I checked the calendar. A low tide sunset.
I decided if I hadn’t gotten a request so far… I was finding my balance and claiming this time right now as my own.

And off I scampered for a hike to a hidden beach to watch the sunset.

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Yes, off I gleefully scampered to hike to a hidden beach to watch the sunset.

I love my life.

This is why I’ve completely scaled down my life so I can be constantly reminded to live life in the moment. And appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. I would like to share my nature hike to this hidden beach with you. When the tide is just right, it’s a magical place to come, a pebble beach, protected cove, the energy of the oceans roar against the rock wall is amazing floating in the gentle tide pools in low tide are a tranquil contrast to the oceans roar.

(Steps to the hidden beach)

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This hidden beach is somewhere between Buena Vista and Samara and I won’t give away exactly where… it’s one of those special places that you find when you are meant to find.

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Playa Izquierda found me several years ago.

I was in exploration mode and I needed to clear my head. Buena Vista was my expected destination, although I hadn’t been there before and wasn’t sure how to get there.
Just as I was wondering if I’d passed Buena Vista or should I keep going a beautiful blonde woman, (I’ve never seen here since, so I like to think she was an angel) approached me asking if I was looking for the beach.
“Yes, Buena Vista…I’m not sure if I’m going the right way though”
“Here, let me show you another beach, this way you won’t need to cross a river.”
I wasn’t aware of the river crossing before Buena Vista, now I know only to go to Buena Vista at low tide when the river crossing is low.

This lovely smiling woman slowly opened two pearly white gates in front of me and invited me to enter…it was pretty surreal. She pointed to a path and told me to keep following. I had no idea what to expect…when I got there. I was BLOWN AWAY. Oh Izquierda, my love for you is like no other. The ideal time to allow Izquierda to find you is low tide late in the day so the sun doesn’t beat down on you and the tide pools beckon you.

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Playa Izquierda first called to me 8 years ago and I am still in awe with each visit. I don’t go often because I do need to time it right, and even here we can still get distracted by life…it’s just important we remind ourselves to keep enjoying life as we live it.
This is a balance many people struggle. It can be especially challenging for those working at a computer to remember to take time to stretch, walk around, drink some water and do something fulfilling. Coming back to your work feeling more refreshed will help you do your job better.

Sitting all day long is so bad for your body and is a common contributor to low back pain. You need to find balance in movement (not strain) ease of movement, be good to your body now, it’s an investment in your future you won’t regret. Years ago I worked in a call center and I was so fixated on the constant ringing phone, I’d work right through lunch and dinner, tethered to that computer, no balance…I couldn’t impose boundaries to take a break, to me there was always more work to be done there was always another call…but there is also always more life to live and sitting all the time…you are shortening it.
As I’m typing this I try and remember to breathe and stretch…I probably look like a funny wiggly person while I type, but that’s ok!

My nature walk took less than an hour total and did immeasurable good for my soul. You may not live next to a hidden beach…And that’s ok. I’ve actually brought the entire hidden beach experience to you in this post, complete with a hermit crab video…all that’s missing is the pebbles between your toes.  If you need to step away from the computer…Finding your Relaxation Spot, somewhere that recharges you could be anywhere. It’s really about stepping away and finding balance. Something as simple as watching the sun rise or set, or enjoying the stars at night…Whatever your roses are to smell, stop and smell them.

Healing Hidden beach ocean waves
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This is still my personal blog…but personally, I am very excited about what’s to come!!!

There is more excitement coming to The Relaxation Spot…Relaxing excitement that is!
Have you always dreamed of coming to Costa Rica? Do you feel so rushed in every day that you don’t have time for your partner or making healthful lifestyle choices? We are so excited to able to offer you a solution…keep following for more details!!
Beach Front Bliss!!!

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Happy Hermits at Playa Izquierda
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