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Today I have completed another trip around the sun and I am reflecting on what I have learned in this lifetime.
What I can share with others about my experience and how I have gotten where I am. Heaven on Earth.

 It comes down to this….
There are many options in this life.

If you want to live in your own personal HELL, it is here on earth and will welcome you.

You won’t have to go far, and once in it, you may not see a way out…

Winter Wonderland?

However, just as you can choose to suffer, you can choose to seek your peace.

I won’t tell you it’s easy, it takes real work.

You must decide you deserve heaven on earth.

  • You must calm the negative mental chatter, the doubting in your head, the reflex that seems to push away good offers that come to you. I talk more about how I calmed my mental chatter in another post http://9v6.5cc.myftpupload.com/inhale-peace-exhale-calm/
  • You cannot become wrapped up and emotionally “mortally wounded” from the words and actions of others.
    ~ If someone doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, they don’t deserve your time and attention.
    ~ They do not deserve a seat at your table or to take up space in your brain.
  • You must be open.
  • You must follow your heart.
  • You must ask yourself internal questions and seek your own answers, deep within your stillness.
  • You must be willing to shed what doesn’t serve you and is holding you back.
  • You must be willing to leap, possibly naked into the unknown with faith and peace.
  • And you must be willing to find your heaven on earth and enter it.

It won’t always be easy, trials will come and test you, challenging you to stay the course…

Hell will try and call you back.  But I promise you, your ‘Heaven on Earth’ does not compare to the ‘Hell on Earth’ you were living in, and it’s worth all the change that will help you realign for better tomorrows.


Find yourself by the sea

Find yourself by the sea

This is what’s on my heart to share with you today and I hope some of it rings true to you.  There have been times in my life, where it was taught to me that we are meant to suffer, but I do not believe that anymore. Changing that belief is very freeing.

Your purpose is not to suffer, that is a huge burden to hold on to, let it go.

Toss it into the ocean, burn it, free yourself from that thinking.

Life won’t always be ‘perfect’ however, it will be much easier to ride the waves when you don’t believe you are here to suffer.

Take each moment, one at a time, and make the best choice you can, in that moment.

As a massage therapist, and now as a mother, I have needed to remind myself, and others that when drawing water from a ‘well’ we need to fill our own cup with water first, we can then share with other’s from our excess, but if we have depleted our own energy we will have nothing left to give and not be of service to anyone.

My husband says, if there is turbulence on the airplane you need to put your own oxygen mask on first, before you can help someone else.

Remember to be good to you, this is not selfish.

Here’s to a better brighter future.

Above you see a photo of me standing in a freak October snow storm in Pennsylvania. The snow had fallen before the leaves dropped which caused trees to fall all over, and we were without power for 6 days in our neighborhood.  Glenn was out of town on a business trip…all I could do was laugh in the moment, and then figure out how to keep myself and my dogs warm without heat, or light, this along with many other factors, helped lead me on my journey of finding my special place in this world, the cold is not for me.

Pura Vida,

Cheryl Adams